9 Things I Don’t Regret About 2015

9 Things I Don’t Regret About 2015

These are 9 of the best decisions I remember making in 2015. Some of are silly, some are serious. All are worthy of #noregrets.

1. Deleting Facebook Off My Phone

I tried to delete Facebook altogether but it was too hard to login to random sites without having a profile (I never can remember all of my passwords). Thus, I resorted to deleting the app off my phone. I found that too much of the time when I would feel awkward or bored with other people, I would scroll endlessly and mindlessly through a minefield of opinions, pictures of babies, and political memes instead of being involved in what was going on around me. Can’t say this has cured my brain wandering while with others completely, but it sure has felt like a good first step.

2. Chicken Tika Mansala

Somehow, my family never ate Indian cuisine while I was growing up. In fact, I never even tried it until this year until a coworker wanted to go to an Indian Restaurant for his birthday lunch and it ended up being a gift for me. Huge shoutout to Trader Joe’s frozen food aisle for supporting my addiction. I am forever changed.

3. Cutting My Hair

I used to have hair that went down to my waist. Having short hair has saved me so much time in the morning; it’s unbelievable. Short hair for life.

4. Becoming More Self-Aware

Through my adult years, I have been battling with anxiety. Though I know it cannot be eliminated completely from my life, I have found ways to practice better self-care and keep the peace in my inner life. Because of this, I feel like a different, more mentally healthier person than I was even a year ago.

5. Cutting Off Unhealthy Friendships

I love this article from Don Miller that talks about the importance of letting go of people who are causing you trouble. I’ve found that it’s important to cut off the troublemakers in your life because the people you hang out with are the people you will become most like. And I don’t want to be a troublemaker — I want to be a friend who gifts joy, freedom, and light.

6. Book A Last Minute Flight To Sit On My Sweetheart’s Hospital Bed

Just days before my college graduation, my boyfriend (now husband) was admitted into ICU after a severe allergic reaction to some medication. It was one of the hardest weeks of my life and being far apart from him during this scary time was brutal. The next morning after I walked at graduation, I used my graduation gift money to jump on a flight from Nashville to Portland to spend the next days helping him as he recovered. I couldn’t imagine a better way I could have spent that money.

7. Nailing My Eyebrow Game

Though my mother taught me so much about what I needed to know regarding make-up and a beauty routine, the one thing I have found out that she clearly missed was letting me know what a game changer filling out your eyebrows can be. The difference is just, wow. I will never be the same.

8. Watched Friends, The Office, and How I Met Your Mother

Blasted through all of these for the first time. Probably should’ve paced myself, but, like I said, no regrets.

9. Quit A Great Job

I quit a fantastic desk job because I was miserable doing it. I know life doesn’t always work so easily to just “quit”, but this time it did. Though my new set-up is not perfect by no means, I feel so much more fulfilled. Not by the paid work that I’m doing, but by having enough energy and time, before and after work, to do what I love — writing.

My goal for 2016 is to start waking up early enough to write. And not just write, but to start sharing my writing. Because honestly, I’ve haven’t really done much of that before because sharing with a bunch of strangers freaks me out.

So, with that said, two things:

  1. You’ll be seeing more from me here from now on.
  2. Please be nice. All you internet strangers scare me.
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