Exploring Lima, Peru

Exploring Lima, Peru

We got home way too early yesterday morning after spending the week in Lima, Peru. We were there to visit our friends at Krochet Kids Peru’s Headquarters and were so surprised by the vibrancy of the culture. We had an incredible stay in the city thanks to some local friends, so I thought I’d share some of our favorite spots, just in case you're wanting to plan a visit one day. 

Note: We didn’t visit Machu Picchu, which is probably why most people come to Lima, so this guide won’t be very helpful with that. BUT we did spend a good amount of time exploring some amazing spots in the city so whether you're in Lima for a week or just a quick stop on your way to Machu Picchu, I think you’ll love the recommendations. Or if you’re just super into reading about traveling and food (like me) you might love reading this too??



3B’s Barranco Chic & Basic Hotel

This place was our safe place after long days of shooting and exploring. It’s in a great, safe & quiet neighborhood. The people who manage the hotel are incredibly kind & accommodating (and all speak English). The breakfast is wonderful & all included. There’s also an amazing natural food store across the street (La Sanahoria) where we stocked up snacks & bottled waters (the tap water! it's no bueno! teeth brushing is okay but just don't drink it, okay?).



El Pan De La Chola

Holy cannoli, please don’t miss this. One of the best breakfasts of my life. The breads are exceptional, the coffee is so nice, the juices are yum & refreshing. And the avocados will change your life. “Tostada con plata” is what you need to order.

El Chinito

A local favorite - the chicharron sandwich. A simple bun with a few slices of sweet potato, a massive amount of pork belly, red onion salad and chili sauce. Our host took us this busy, hole-in-the-wall spot and we were honestly surprised by how much we were into it.

Burrito Bar

If you’re looking to get a chipotle-like fix, this is it. Burritos, tacos, and salads. Order what toppings you’d like, guac not extra. It’s a really popular place with limited seating but definitely worth the wait. There’s really amazing street art around the corner, so maybe take some cutie selfies while the line dies down.


We definitely splurged here and I’m so glad we did because this was one of my favorite meals. We went with a large group and there was plenty of seating - it also probably helped that we went at 7pm, which is early in Peruvian culture. We were told most people don’t go out for dinner until around 9pm! When we showed up the group had already ordered “ceviche” for the table. I’d never had it & was nervous to try it knowing it was raw fish but one bite in I was sold. Even Branden, who’s never liked seafood, tried it and was a fan! It’s a must try while you’re here. Though neither of us eat red meat often, we were both persuaded to order “Lomo Saldato” and loved it. Think beef stir fry with steamed rice, peppers, and potato fries.



MATE Museo

We had one free day to explore the city and we decided to look around Barranco, the part of town where our hotel was located. After lunch at El Chinito, we walked over to MATE Museo. From what I understand, this is a permanent exhibit of Mario Testino, who is a world-renowned celebrity photographer from Peru. We enjoyed walking through, but our favorite room was from the last official portraits taken of Princess Diana before her death. It was amazing.

Tostaduria Bisetti

After visiting MATE Museo, we headed to Tostaduria Bisetti to grab a cappuccino and a sweet to share. This was probably the best coffee I had in Peru, as all of the beans were locally harvested & roasted. 


Next door to Tostaduria there is this incredibly cute plant & gift shop, Plantique. I wanted to take home everything but figured US Customs wouldn’t be so happy about that, ha!

I'll be forever dreaming about all those pretty pots & planters. Say hello to them all on your visit to Lima, okay?

stay soft.

stay soft.

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