life thus far in 2017: a kickstarter & puptart

life thus far in 2017: a kickstarter & puptart

it's been a HOT MINUTE since i posted something new on my blog. which makes me so bummed because i love this beautiful space i've created to share my writing on the interwebs. maybe i love it a bit too much though??

 i've noticed that i have been posting a lot less because i want all my posts to be tip-top perfect before i'm ready to post, which has left me to posting nothing because life has been out of this world crazy the last few months. reminds me of this quote i love by jon acuff (who i recently interviewed on STORY podcast!):

“90 percent perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100 percent perfect and stuck in your head.”

here's been the craziness happening in my life thus far in 2017:

1. launching our first kickstarter!

2. POPTART. (oh my gosh i can't wait to tell you more than you want to know about our dog)

these two things have kept our hands full and also kept us at home in nashville more - it's crazy how long it's been since branden & i have been on a trip together. our last trip was to tulum, mexico back in january (city guide to come!).

first, the kickstarter for the Goodnewspaper. 

the idea for this project was born when branden started the “Goodnewsletter”, a weekly email newsletter that highlights 5 pieces of good news in the world. it’s been amazing to see this hopeful community grow and take action to create positive change in their own corners of the world.

the Goodnewspaper is a quarterly printed newspaper that will highlight good news and the people creating positive change in the world. the premise of this project is that when we believe that when we notice and celebrate good news, we become inspired to create & become good news ourselves.

within 56 hours of launching the kickstarter, we were fully funded. CRAZY, right? we were blown away and could have never dreamed that we would be over 200% funded by the time our kickstarter ended. 

now it's just time to just make a newspaper. ha! if you missed out on the goodnewspaper fun, you still have time to order the first issue by visiting

secondly, PUPTART. 


her name is actually "poptart" but i also call her puptart and a myriad of other things. i suppose i should make you a list to reference in case there is future confusion when i address her.

things i call poptart:

  1. poptart
  2. puptart 
  3. ploptart
  4. pooptart
  5. paw-tar
  6. pupperchino
  7. pupperoni
  8. pupperoni & cheese
  9. puppercup
  10. poppy
  11. pop pop
  12. bunny
  13. bb
  14. sugar foot
  15. tiny girl 
  16. fluffer nugget
  17. sweet baby angel

on top of all the adjectives included in the list above, there is so much i love about this little creature but probably my favorite is that she brings so much joy in my life. i work from home most days and it can get pretty quiet, which i suppose it great for a conductive work environment but it feels quite lonesome most days. 

poptart loves to sit on my lap or my desk when i'm working. she reminds me to take breaks to take her outside or to just play. i have needed those reminders more than i could have realized. especially on the days when i don't feel like i have a clear enough mind to remember to take care of myself.

i went through a lot of dark days this last year while battling depression. there were many mornings when i just didn't know how to get up. i love knowing that isn't an option for me anymore. i love having another living creature that is counting on me to show up for her.

poptart helps me show up for life.  she helps me show up for both her and branden and possibly most importantly... me. 

more on this soon. 


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